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Nehha Jaiswal

Namaste! I’m Nehha!

A Certified Yoga Teacher And
Body & Emotions Coach For Families

12 years in the corporate world brought money and prestige, but it also left me exhausted and purposeless, taking a toll on my physical and mental well-being.

My family felt the brunt of my anger and irritability. In search of a solution, I turned to yoga.

My Guru introduced me to the powerful concept of Panchakosha theory on how our body is also our unconscious mind shaping our life. I pursued formal education and earned certification as a Yoga Teacher and Evaluator through the Ayush Ministry, Government of India.

Today, I have coached over 300 professionals to create happy & healthy families who enjoy the hard earned money instead of just paying it to hospitals and medicines.  

My Mission

I am on a mission to create 100,000 Happy & Healthy Families by empowering them to develop strong body and emotional resilience, through yogic principles.

My Expertise

I hold certification from Ministry of Ayush, India, as a Yoga Teacher & Evaluator, backed by over 1500+ hours of training. I've led 150+ live trainings sessions & coached over 300 individuals in adapting healthy lifestyles.

My Community

I founded Nirvana Joy Hub to create a community of Happy & Healthy Families. Together, we aim to design a fulfilling life by building strong mind & body.

I am not another 'Yoga Teacher', focused solely on teaching yoga postures, pranayama, or meditation.

Instead, I will accompany you on a transformative journey, liberating you from anger, overthinking, and depression.

My program empowers you to master your emotions and minimize the risks of lifestyle-related ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid issues, PCOD, and more.

I'll serve as your guide, helping you achieve remarkable results not only in your health but also in your career and relationships.

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Membership Solutions For You


Glow Membership guides you on a 10-week journey of self-love through yoga. It equips you with the tools to conquer anger, overthinking, and stress, helping you Glow from the inside and reach your goals serenely


Radiate Membership helps you with more advanced yogic healing practices. You not only gain control over your emotions but also radiate positivity and resilience, ready to achieve your goals with unwavering inner strength.


Nirvana Membership helps you become master of your own destiny through Karma Yoga & life transforming tools.
This is a personal one-to-one coaching and entry is by invite only. 


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Learn the details of my Strong Body & Emotions Program and how it can help you live a more meaningful and healthy life!

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